We Purchase CISCO

We at iConcept Group buy and sell CISCO equipment. Have you just upgraded and are now looking to make a return on your CISCO assets? Then turn your redundant CISCO stock into cash. If you are looking to purchase any CISCO equipment contact us with your requirements...

Office Clearance

At iConcept Group we purchase your office assets. We ensure that all your unwanted office equipment and furniture is collected and removed, meeting legislative requirements with minimum impact on the environment...

We Purchase IT Equipment

We purchase used IT equipment and telecommunications systems. We can offer very competitive rates so send us your inventory today. Whether you are upgrading your old IT infrastructure or simply retiring old technology we can offer you a competitive price...

Asset Disposal

iConcept Group can dispose of all your unwanted assets ranging from office furniture to IT assets whether you are in the public or private sector. We can provide IT disposal, data destruction and recycling in a safe and environment friendly manner. Asset disposal can take up a lot of time and resources of your in house teams; we can do this for you through a safe, secure and accredited service giving you peace of mind.

Some of the reasons you may be looking for an asset disposal service may be because you are upgrading to newer technology; replacing units; units have reached end of life; looking for WEEE compliant disposal of equipment or sales of unwanted assets. It is a great opportunity for you to maximise on the value of your retiring assets.

In choosing us you can be sure that all data in your IT assets has been eradicated when we dispose of your unwanted assets. Our services are WEEE compliant reducing the impact on the environment. Once we have reached an agreement we can arrange to collect all items and provide you with a waste transfer note.

No matter how many assets you need to dispose of we can provide a fast and effective service whilst offering you highly competitive rates. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a free quote.

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