We Purchase CISCO

We at iConcept Group buy and sell CISCO equipment. Have you just upgraded and are now looking to make a return on your CISCO assets? Then turn your redundant CISCO stock into cash. If you are looking to purchase any CISCO equipment contact us with your requirements...

Office Clearance

At iConcept Group we purchase your office assets. We ensure that all your unwanted office equipment and furniture is collected and removed, meeting legislative requirements with minimum impact on the environment...

We Purchase IT Equipment

We purchase used IT equipment and telecommunications systems. We can offer very competitive rates so send us your inventory today. Whether you are upgrading your old IT infrastructure or simply retiring old technology we can offer you a competitive price...

Data Destruction

Data is considered completely destroyed when it is deleted from the drive and cannot be recovered by any means and content discovery tools can no longer discover the data in the archive or storage. It is therefore essential that sensitive data is fully and securely destroyed prior to decommissioning IT equipment to ensure that sensitive information does not enter the public domain which can lead to an adverse impact upon the people they concern as well the company who were responsible for them.

iConcept Group can provide a customised data destruction service suitable for your needs; we record details of assets, decommission them, destroy data bearing components and recycle or dispose of non-data holding items. We can provide our services at your premises or at our facility depending on the type of destruction required. When purchasing your IT hardware we guarantee, by using the latest industry recognised hardware and software, that all data has been erased. Our qualified team audit all items and you will be supplied with both a Data destruction certificate which will show serial numbers as well as the type and volume of data as well as a waste transfer note making it safe to recycle your technology.

Our Process:

  • We will use the latest data destruction software to securely erase all information from all media ensuring it is no longer accessible by the operating system or application that created it.
  • We use the latest degausser. Degaussing destroys data on magnetic storage tapes and disk drives by changing the magnetic field.
  • We will use the latest hardware to destroy all data storage from the hardware.
  • A mechanical device called a shredder is used to physically mangle tape, optical media and hard disk drives.

Contact us today to discuss your data erasure needs.

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